ready to burn certification


The most consistent hardwood around.

This is what makes it the main ingredient in all our mixes. Birch has the highest BTU (British Thermal Unit) meaning it burns hotter than any other wood. It's also a dream to light - making it a firm Ludlow Firewood favourite.


Birch Crate

H 115cm x W 82cm x L 115cm.


Within 20 miles:


Within 30 miles:


Crates are £15 cheaper when ordered over the phone. So please call us on 07949318014 to apply the discount.

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Add ons:

Crate Covers
- £15.00 inc. VAT:

Waterproof, breathable and reusable crate cover made to fit our crates. Ideal if you are planning on leaving your crate out in the elements.

  • Velcro front flap
  • Roll top ties

Excellent way to keep your crate of logs dry, ideal if you don’t have a log store or don’t want the hassle of restacking logs.

- Net for £4.95
- 3 nets for £12.00

Natural Firelighters
- £3.60 a bag of 30

All of the above are available to purchase over the phone. They must be bought with a crate or at least 2 barrow bags for delivery to count.

Birch Barrow Bag

46cm x 46cm x 87cm.


Barrow bags are £75.00 each over the phone.
Please call 07949318014 to order.


Minimum of 2 bags for online order.


See delivery zones


Orange zone: FREE delivery within 20 miles.


Yellow zone: £30 extra between 20 - 30 miles.

For deliveries over 30 miles, please call us for a quote.


Crates are £15 cheaper when ordered over the phone. So please call us on 07949318014 to apply the discount.