ready to burn certification


Combining Birch's high heat output with the slow burning density of Oak results in the perfect combination of a long, hot, slow burning fire.

Birch / Oak Crate

H 115cm x W 82cm x L 115cm.


Within 20 miles:


Within 30 miles:


Crates are £15 cheaper when ordered over the phone. So please call us on 07949318014 to apply the discount.

See delivery zones


Add ons:

Crate Covers
- £15.00 inc. VAT:

Waterproof, breathable and reusable crate cover made to fit our crates. Ideal if you are planning on leaving your crate out in the elements.

  • Velcro front flap
  • Roll top ties

Excellent way to keep your crate of logs dry, ideal if you don’t have a log store or don’t want the hassle of restacking logs.

- Net for £4.95
- 3 nets for £12.00

Natural Firelighters
- £3.60 a bag of 30

All of the above are available to purchase over the phone. They must be bought with a crate or at least 2 barrow bags for delivery to count.

Birch / Oak Barrow Bag

46cm x 46cm x 87cm.


Barrow bags are £75.00 each over the phone.
Please call 07949318014 to order.


Minimum of 2 bags for online order.


See delivery zones


Orange zone: FREE delivery within 20 miles.


Yellow zone: £30 extra between 20 - 30 miles.

For deliveries over 30 miles, please call us for a quote.


Crates are £15 cheaper when ordered over the phone. So please call us on 07949318014 to apply the discount.