Why Kiln Dried?

All our logs are kiln dried over 8 days, this means the moisture content is dramatically reduced to around 18%, much lower than naturally seasoned, air dried logs. This is important because drier firewood means higher temperatures.

Not only do seasoned, partially seasoned or green firewood burn at a lower temperature, it’s higher moisture levels can lead to tarring and flue problems. With stricter government regulations on the horizon, the cleaner the fuel you burn, the better it is for your chimney and the planet.


We’re here to answer your burning questions…

All our hardwood is grown in Northern Europe, where colder temperatures reduce trees’ growth rates. This results in a tighter grain and higher density when compared to faster-growing tree varieties from further south.

We only ever select hardwoods because we know they deliver the most consistency. You’ll never find an inferior softwood log in one of our crates.


Silver birch is super-super consistent. After drying in the kiln, the moisture level at the centre of the log is exactly the same as the outer bark - guaranteeing a long, hot, clean burn.


Oak is a truly majestic, heavy hardwood - slow growing and dense. This density makes oak a reliable slow burner for dependable heat output over longer periods. Our oak is left in the kiln even longer to ensure they’re fully dry.


One of the best and most reliable hardwoods. Ash burns cleanly with a steady flame, little smoke and spits fewer sparks. It is also known for its sweet aroma as it burns.

BTU comparison:

btu thermometer

- BIRCH (26 BTU’s)
- OAK (24 BTU’s)
- ASH (23 BTU’s)

*British Thermal Unit is a measurement of heat output for a given quantity of firewood


Here’s our golden rule for purchasing firewood: Don't buy by weight. Buy by volume.

Our crates are carefully, hand stacked with no voids so you get far more wood in a cubic metre crate than you would in a cubic metre bag or loose off the back of a truck.

In fact, one of our neatly stacked cubic metre crates is the equivalent of 1.4 cubic metres of bagged or loose firewood. 

Where from?

Our certified wood is sustainably sourced from well managed plantations in the Baltics. The Baltics have ideal climatic and environmental conditions for growing the highest quality hardwoods. 

Around 60% of The Baltics is covered in dense forest and this natural, renewable resource is carefully overseen to ensure tree stocks are replaced. 

With the average winter temperature hitting just -6°C (and we think we have it cold here!) our Baltic friends know a thing or two about logs and fires. Their exceptional knowhow and kiln drying techniques ensure we’re able to deliver an environmentally sound and superior quality product to our UK customers.